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aforementioned date. For the first time in its long and controversial history reporters were permitted on the island to cover the news story that would make headlines across the country. “ALCATRAZ CLOSES!” In looking for lessons to be learned from the operation of Alcatraz, lessons that can be applied to our present society, one can only wonder as we examine overcrowded prisons and the continuing attendant problems. Perhaps consideration should be given to the prophetic words of a long ago Alcatraz prisoner, reflecting upon his plight: “Can anything be worth THIS?” We can either learn from what valuable lessons that were taught at alcatraz, or we can be ignorant and let it happen again. Alcatraz was considered hostile, cruel, and unjust, and it was. But there was a lesson

to be taught, now if we don’t learn that human life is the most precious gift that we take for granted, then Alcatraz was a good idea and it needs to be reinstated. But when you allow a man to lose his freedoms that our forefather fought for, with impunity, it is simply the worst thing to happen. Alcatraz was built for a good reason, it served for a good reason. Then it was transformed into “The Rock.” Al! l the good that went into was lost. We as a country lost sight of what was important to us, and now if we don’t learn from it, we are only asking ourselves for it again. Bibliography 1. The Alcatraz WWW Homepage, Yahoo Search Engine, 1996 2. Professor Clyde W. Richins, University of Michigan, 1990, Vol. 1 of “In the life of Alcatraz” pages 1944- 46 3. Doctor William

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