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a car prior to the war. During the time of the war, Alberto Giacometti suffered from anxiety and his sculptures seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. According to Giacometti, he could not explain why his statues became so small. ?I could not understand it. All my statues ended up one centimeter high. One more touch and hop! the statue vanishes.? Though, some inferred that his sensitivity to the nature of human existence was intensified by the horror of the war. Toward the end of his life, Giacometti had come to the conclusion that he did not need to leave his studio to find the world. For the majority of his future life, Giacometti concentrated on depicting three themes: a portrait of a head, a woman standing, and a man walking. Each of his sculptures was the result of a

frenzy of repeated creations and destruction, but he acknowledged that the final version is in no way an improvement over the first. His reason for repeating the process was to deepen his own understanding of the problem posed before he could leave it. Giacometti demanded that he found truth in his work. Alberto Giacometti?s artwork seemed so intimate and personal, and his subjects were loved ones. Though, the surfaces have all been described as decaying or exploding flesh, and the forms are always hauntingly distorted. The figures even look as to be isolated from an environment or other individuals. His paintings and drawings reveal the same kind of intensity as his sculptures. Typically they are simple frontal poses and though the face is entirely sketched, it?s always densely

reworked, redrawn or painted or rubbed out innumerable times on the same canvas. Using hues of black, gray and brown, the resulting effect is oddly haunting; the gaze of the subject is impossibly heavy. The somber hues of black, brown and gray fill his drawing and paintings. It is striking that Giacometti was able to focus his attention so acutely on a few simple subjects in his effort to comprehend the world. Through this work he revealed such complexity and depth. Picasso considered Giacometti to be one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. His artwork depicted the brutality of life, but showed a yearning for another kind of existence.