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Alaska Essay, Research Paper My state is Alaska. The capital of Alaska isJuneau. Juneau wasn’t always the capital of Alaska. When Alaska was sold from Russia to America it was New Archangle. They changed it in 1900 to Juneau. The motto is ” North to the future”, the bird is Willow Ptarmigan, the tree is Sitka Spruce, the flower is Forget-Me-Not, and the flag has blue in the background with the bigdipper on the left and the North Star on the top right. Alaska hangs off of Canada to the west. The closest towns in Canada to Alaska are Dawson and Mayo. Alaska is also by Russia. The Gulf of Alaska, Artic Ocean, Chukchi Sea, Berring Sea, Burfort Sea, and Gulf of Anddyr borders Alaska. There is one big mountain in Alaska. It’s called Mt. Mckinley and was named after

President Mckinley. It’s the biggest mountain in North Amarica. There are many rivers and many lakes. The longest river is the Yukon river. The largest lake is Iliamna Lake. In Alaska there are thousands of islands. The Aleutain Islands are a string of islands off the southwest coast. The southeastern part of Alaska also has many islands. It’s called the panhandle. There are plains by the Berring Sea and the Aritc Ocean. Alaska’s mountains and plains were first spotted by Vitus Bering in 1741. Thats why they call the Bering Sea, the Bering Sea. When Alaska was owned by Russia there was a compny that sold otter skins. By the time America owned Alaska only a fraction of the otters survived. Russia sold Alaska to the U.S.A. in 1854 for $7,200,00. At that time the American

people thought that the purchase was foolish. In time it became obvious that Alaska was rich in fur, fish, and gold. In1883 Alaska had no government. Finally in 1884 Alaska had a very small goverment and as time past it got bigger and bigger. Alaska used the laws of Oregon. In Alaska there was one big goldrush. It was in 1896 in the Yukon, many people struck it rich, but more were disappointed. The population boomed in the early 1980’s as Alaska started to develop its rich natural resources. Oil and natural gas are now Alaska’s major resources. In 1989 oil was spilled in the Prince William Sound covering an area of about 500 miles (800 kilometers). 50,000 birds and 2,000 otters were killed. Also in Alaska there is zink, gold, silver, lead, tin, and platinum. Alaska is the

largest producer of zinc in the U. S. A. You can find the best rivers and lakes for fishing, and the biggest animals for hunting in Alaska. In Alaska there are national parks almost everywhere you go. The best way to enter Alaska is by a ferry. You can see most of the land form from the ferry. You shouldn’t travel in a car because you couldn’t get to many places. The two fastest ways to get around are by planes and boats. Also helicopters are a good way to get around. Only a few people live in the northern part of Alaska, most people live in the southeast of Alaska. In the northeast and the northwest there are no roads, train tracks, and airports. The only way to get to northern Alaska is to fly a one or two person plane. I would like to go to Alaska because I like to go

fishing, camping, and I like small cities.