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appendix. This is just one example where things had to be invented due to a lack of supplies. They also decided to use hypnotism as a form of anesthesia. Dan could speak a few sentences, and they would fall into malleable trance. (p. 283) He would then be able to operate without the patient feeling the procedure. Another example of the River Road community having to learn to walk again would be with food preservation. Without the use of refrigerators and other systems for keeping food fresh, there was a great need for salt. The salt could be used to preserve most meats. An animal could be slaughtered, and part eaten for a meal. The remaining portions of the animal could be salted and kept for a while. Towards the end of July, Randy noticed the salt supplies running dangerously

low. He and many other members of the community had to set sail in search of a source for salt. They did return triumphantly with many bags of salt. These are all ways in which the community has adapted to a loss of supplies and had to work through the adversity and learn to walk again. The last way in which the River Road community had to learn to walk again was how the loss of community members forces the others to take on new jobs. When the towns were bombed, many skilled people were lost. Jobs needed to be filled and the residents of the River Road community rose to the challenge. Helen served as the barber for the group, cutting everyone s hair. Randy was the leader. He took control of the group and returned order to an anarchical society. Dan took over as the full time

doctor, and Lib took over most of the cooking. Many Frank s quote, we re all going to have to learn how to walk again… , is manifested throughout the story by the observed changes in the lifestyle of the community, the ways in which the diminishment of supplies are dealt with, and how the loss of community members forces others to take on new roles. The great disaster affected everyone, and everyone pulled together to strive through the hard times. The community, crippled by the nuclear blast, regained strength and managed to walk again. The road there was filled with hardship and pain, but the path made them stronger. The River Road Community survived the nuclear holocaust, even though they had to learn how to walk all over again. 321