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times of crises, or anarchy the true hearts of men do not change. They just become more extreme to the side of which they are on. For instance, the highwaymen, before The Day were probably always finding a way around the system, or cheating or doing whatever it was nessascerry to achieve their goals. They may not have been doing anything in particular that was bad but their hearts were shifted to that side. When the war took place, it pushed a lot of people over the edge, dramatically. If your heart was bad then it was just increased 10-fold. If you had a good heart, and strong morals, and good leadership skills, that would be amplified too, and you were going to “harden” and come out all right. If you had a good heart, but no leadership skills or you were ignorant of how to

survive without modern convinces, you probably would just become a part of the “melting” category. The people staying in Riverside Inn would fall into there. Randy, and the River Side Road Gang would fall into the “hardening” classification and the Highwaymen would yield into the “heart is truly bad” division. As you can see this is a con of a disaster. The effect of thermonuclear war on society is impossible to guess unless, we actually experience it, but even then it would probably be too significant to measure. Industry and the commercial world would suffer, nature would definitely lose a lot and gain some, while the good people would become more kind of and sharing in their ways, and the bad people, criminals. A not so well known quote from the developer of the

equation that makes all of this possibilr, Albert Einstein, asserts “I don?t know what weapons will be used in World War III, but, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones..” *Quote form Universal Pictures Jurassic Park.