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AL Gore The Best Plan For The Us Essay, Research Paper Al Gores plan for the future of the United States makes him our countries best choice for president. I will clearly show this by talking about the issues that face the nation in the year 2000 and his stances on them. While most Americans know Al Gore for his leadership in Congress and as Vice President, it is the families and values of Tennessee that have most shaped his life and career. It was on his parents’ family farm in Carthage that he first learned the importance of caring for the environment. And after his service in Vietnam, Al Gore returned home to Tennessee to attend Divinity School and to work nights as a Police Reporter and City Hall Reporter for the Nashville Tennessean. He and Tipper started their family

and purchased their own farm in Carthage in 1973, which they still call home. He later on attended Vanderbilt Law School. It was his determination to serve the families of Tennessee that first led him to run for Congress in 1976 — and throughout his sixteen years in Congress, he worked hard to address their cares and concerns. During his House and Senate years, Gore would fly back to Tennessee nearly every weekend, to hold town meetings in every part of the state. To further show you about all gore I will show you how he stands on major political issues Since his days as a Congressman from rural Tennessee more than 20 years ago, Vice President Al Gore has understood the needs of America’s rural citizens. He has been a leader in this Administration’s efforts to strengthen

family farms, promote rural economies, open foreign markets to American produce, enhance farm income and has fought for emergency farm relief when natural disasters strike. Al Gore has worked hard to provide tax relief for millions of America’s families and small businesses, and he has promoted tax relief while working for a balanced budget. Gore cast the deciding vote for the Administration’s 1993 economic plan that cut taxes for 15 million working families, and he has worked for other tax policies to help families raise a child and pay for college. In addition, Gore has supported tax relief efforts for America’s small businesses and a permanent research and development tax credit As a member of Congress and as Vice President, Al Gore fought for meaningful campaign finance

reform measures that would reduce the influence of special interests and change the way Washington does business. Gore sponsored, co-sponsored, voted for and fought for major reforms to the campaign finance system in his sixteen years representing citizens of Tennessee in Congress and eight years representing the American people as Vice President. And Gore has been in the forefront of the effort to overhaul the current campaign finance system by calling on the Republican Congress to pass the bi-partisan McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act. “I believe that God has given the people of our nation not only a chance, but a mission to prove to men and women throughout this world that people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, of all faiths and creeds, can not only

work and live together, but can enrich and ennoble both themselves and our common purpose.” — Vice President Al Gore, 1/19/98 As Vice President, and as a Member of Congress, Al Gore has worked hard to prevent crime, while ensuring that the punishment for breaking the law is both swift and strong. He has been praised for his efforts to reduce gun violence, supported tougher criminal sentences, worked to give law enforcement the crime-fighting tools they need, and has been a leader in the effort to reduce youth violence. Throughout his public service career, Al Gore has shown leadership and vision on an array of international policy issues. From safeguarding nuclear arsenals, to fighting terrorism, to helping to slow global warming, he has always focused on combating threats to