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names on it, and Alphonso Capone?s name was at the top of the list. Known as Public Enemy Number 1, he had become the symbol of the prohibition era. Capone was sentenced to Atlanta?s Federal prison for 11 years. In 1934 he was transferred to Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. He was paroled in 1939. Following his release, he never returned to Chicago. He had become mentally incapable to return to the ?mob life.? He spent the rest of his life in his Palm Island mansion with his wife and immediate family, far away from any body else. In 1946, his physician and a Baltimore psychiatrist both concluded that Al Capone had the mental ability of a twelve-year-old child. He died due to a stroke and pneumonia on January 25, 1947 because of his on going struggle with syphilis. By Alphonso