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longitudinal axis of an airplane is roll and is produced by movement of the ailerons located at the trailing edges of the wings. Lowering the aileron on one wing and raising the aileron on the other causes roll. The wing with the lowered aileron goes up because of its increased lift, and the wing with the raised aileron goes down because of its decreased lift. Thus, the effect of moving either aileron is aided by the simultaneous and opposite movement of the aileron on the other wing. Movements of elevators at rear of the horizontal tail assembly causes pitch movement, which rises on lowers the nose of the aircraft. The elevators are hinged to a fixed surface, the horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal stabilizer and the elevators from a single airfoil are together. A change in

position of the elevators modifies the shape of the airfoil, which increases or decreases lift. The movement of the yaw axis is yaw and is generated by movement of rudder located at the rear of the vertical tail assembly. The rudder is a movable surface hinged to a fixed surface which is the vertical stabilizer or fin. The nose of the airplane turns the right if the rudder moves to the right, and if the rudder moves the left, the nose also turns to the left. We can usually see this yawing motion everywhere. I have my doubt about contents of this book. There was an airplane accident, the explosion of its left engine, at Miami International Airport, and Casey referred to the accident. The misadventure was made by unsuitable maintenance, the left wing absorbed flying splinters, and

protected the passengers in the cabin. However, I cannot agree with his opinion. The airplane would explode if the flying high temperature fragments by the engine explosion went through the wing or did not go through the wing. The airplane explosion is unavoidable because they could damage the fuel tank which causes explosion. Usually, airplanes have fuel tanks in their wings. One of the reasons is efficient utilization of fuselages. Other reason is to reduce vertical motion of the wings. The wings make lift, and the power lifts up them. However, when the airplanes are on the ground, gravitation pulls down the wings. There is a vertical motion on the wings. This motion makes metal fatigue to the roots of the wings. This fatigue can sever the wings from the body. If airplanes have

their fuel tanks in their wings, they can lessen the vertical motion and prevent the metal fatigue. In my opinion, although high temperature fragments by the engine burst damaged the left wing which has a fuel tank, fortunately all of the passengers did not be killed by the accident. I think the author knows about airplanes, and his book, gAirframe, h refers to flight dynamics accurately. I was surprised when I read the book because lift is fully explained in the book. I therefore referred to the lift and the stall, the amount curvature of a wing, and three axes of airplanes. Airplanes make use of the lift to fly and they use the three axes to make turns and gain or lose altitude while flying. There is every possibility of an airplane stalling while it is flying. The stall is

caused by exfoliation of air on a wing. I might find a doubt in the book. However, I do not care the doubt because this story is fiction. I have read fiction related to airplanes, however many of them are incredible stories. I read this fiction book with interest. This was an interesting book in English.