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Aids- Sleep With The Angels Essay, Research Paper For my choice book, I chose to read Sleep With the Angels . This was a book that dealt with a mother who was HIV positive. Her name was Mary Fischer. I found this to be very inspirational, in many senses. I did however find the book to be somewhat monotonous, as the entire book was centered on Mary and all of her public speeches that she gave, and where she gave them. I personally, would much rather had the book been about her life, her children, how she contracted the disease and dealt with the daily tasks that come along with being a positive HIV mother. Nonetheless, I found this once again to be a very emotional book. The story of Mary Fischer in many ways is very tragic, and in many ways very inspirational. Although this

book was not as interesting as the previous books, it was definitely worth reading, as it can teach you a lot about just how strong willed some individuals are and just how special people can be. Mary Fischer devoted this book to her two children, Max and Zach. I found that to be very special as she lived her life for only two things, her children, and to spread knowledge about the disease she had contracted. Mary Fischer was an ex- TV producer and White House staffer, who became a model for the education of AIDS, as she was a single mom with two preschoolers, and one deadly virus. She was a devote Republican who was a speaker for the Republican Party for many years. Her long list of important friends ranged from George Bush, to Betty and President Ford. You could clearly see

that this was a prominent and important person. She was not gay, she was not a drug user, and she did not sleep around, so to say Mary Fischer was everything but your typical HIV case was very accurate. Because of the fact that she was none of these things exemplified the normal HIV cases is what made her story so intriguing, and more importantly her speeches so important. The first of her numerous speeches took place in Salt Lake City, where Mary said she felt the most alone. Her speech was filled with words of education as she brilliantly gave her speech to the Republicans in attendance. She vowed that the Republican Party would adopt a position, which funded research for the virus. Her next speech too her to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the eight annual International

Conference on AIDS/HIV STD. Many admitted later that it was in the Netherlands, that she realized just how large her family (her AIDS Family ) really was. Her speech here was very emotional, and included such phases like, when the virus found her, it found an American, a mother, an artist, and a women with experience in the media and government. It was at this conference, that Mary Fischer began to establish her position as the National spokesperson for AIDS. Then came the Republican National Convention, in Houston. Mary recalled having this convention being her hardest to address. She remembered not wanting to say too little in fear of the AIDS community, and not wanting to say too much in fear of the Republican Party. Around this time, Republicans were beginning to grow edgy

about AIDS. As the President s motorcade drove by downtown Houston, tension settled down. Her next conference took her to Detroit, the place of her birth. Then followed the National Quilt Day in Washington, D.C. I know that this paper seems to be rambling on about the conferences she attended, and the speeches that she gave, but honestly, this is the way the whole book was. Future speeches took her to Greensboro, North Carolina, Boston, West Palm Beach, California, New York City, Memphis and Connecticut. No matter where she went, Mary went there enthusiastically. She went there hoping to change the views that people held about AIDS. In her speeches, she spoke about how people should not be considered less human because of their infection. She made it quite clear, that people do