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Jolie s roles in Girl, Interrupted and Hackers are similar, yet very different. As Lisa in Girl, Interrupted she must play a dramatic role in which the viewer is able to draw parallels between Lisa s story and situation to their own lives. The question of sanity arises many times throughout the film, forcing the viewer to feel a certain sympathy for the girls. There are implications of life lessons regarding friendship, love, and even betrayal. Angelina Jolie plays Lisa, a character that is hard not to relate to and, at times, hard to comprehend. It is obvious that Angelina Jolie must have “become” Lisa, because an actress who did not feel what Lisa felt, or act like Lisa acted, could not have done as fine of a job as she did. In Hackers, Jolie plays Kate “Acid Burn”

Libby. The only real evident similarity between Kate and Lisa, Angelina s character from Girl, Interrupted is the somewhat rebellious demeanor that both the characters possess. Kate is someone who is powerful and controlling, unlike Lisa who is powerless and controlled. The only real preparation Jolie must have made for this role was to act juvenile, but intelligent. The task of acting juvenile may have not been that hard for Jolie because it seems as though many of her actions are juvenile and, therefore, could have possibly helped her fit the role of Kate. That aspect of Kate s personality may have created havoc for any other actress, but not Angelina Jolie. According to these two films, Angelina is not in any danger of being “typecast.” She plays two vastly different roles

that both required completely different character traits in order to be portrayed accurately. To go from playing a juvenile delinquent in a childish, comical role to a manipulative, conniving adolescent in a dramatic role requires an enormous amount of versatility. Her versatility in acting should give her many more opportunities to be in leading roles. Movie criticism can make or break an actor/actress. In Hackers, “as it s stars, Miller and Jolie seem one-dimensional–except that, in their case, the effect is intentional. They re not characters, these two, they re heroic icons of the coming millennium–sleek, androgynous and insubstantial as ghosts” (Hinson 2). I completely agree with Hal Hinson s praise regarding Angelina Jolie s acting as Kate “Acid Burn” Libby in

Hackers. When this movie was first released it was a supposed sneak peak into the world of the future. The computer crimes committed in the movie would not occur now due to the technological advances in our current society. However, watching it in the year 2001 gives an idea of what was considered to be futuristic. Kate represented the “millennium woman”, powerful and confident. This is not to say that women were not like that prior to this movie, however I believe this movie gave young adolescent girls a sense of superiority in regards to the former traits associated with women. In Girl, Interrupted, most of the patients are harmless, but Lisa (Angelina Jolie) a heartless, charismatic sociopath, delights in her destructive power. “Jolie brings the kind of combustible

sexuality to the screen that our movies, in the age of Meg Ryan, have been missing for too long” (Gerston 39). As Susanna and Lisa become comrades, then enemies, Susanna becomes like a soldier fighting a secret war with herself, and through Lisa she plays out that war. I agree with Jill Gerston on her comment regarding Angelina Jolie. Jolie, along with her acting credentials, seems to draw audiences with her looks and reputation of sexual ambitiousness in her own life. This, although not directly related to her acting, is an integral characteristic she possesses in obtaining various types of roles. Angelina Jolie possesses many characteristics which will aid her in her stay in Hollywood for quite a long time. Jolie s mind-blowing use of method acting, her personal experiences,

and her willingness to “become” her role, all confirm the fact that Angelina Jolie is one of the best actresses in modern film today. Not only has she got the looks and the skill, but she has emerged as a symbol of a new generation of strong-willed , intelligent women. She continues to win the hearts of viewers and critics alike, and she is so talented that when she receives a role she becomes afraid of herself. “I must be very particular with the choice of my roles; I become like them” (Gerston 39). It is this quality that sets Angelina Jolie apart from many of the actresses in Hollywood. She, like others may be an actress for fame and fortune, but she is not one to just read a script and not get involved in the actual role. Jolie “becomes” her part which makes a