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skills shine. Angelina Jolie s character Lisa is broken down by Susanna, allowing the viewer to see a softer, more sensitive, dramatic side of Lisa instead of her usual rebellious disposition throughout the movie. It allows the viewer to draw parallels of personal experience to Lisa s situation because for the most part Lisa was deprived of love and affection, therefore sought refuge by using people. By being conniving and sneaky she got her way until someone bold enough, Susanna in this case, broke down her actions which forced Lisa to deal with one of the hardest things to deal with, the truth. In the end, Susanna s analysis leads Lisa to believe she can escape her old self and become what society might characterize as “sane.” Jolie s ability to “be” her roles rather

than just “play” them sets her apart from most actors/actresses. Her portrayal of Lisa in Girl, Interrupted makes the viewer question the term sanity as a whole. Angelina Jolie s character Lisa lets the viewer question the boundaries between confinement and freedom, friendship and betrayal, and madness and sanity. Angelina Jolie employed method acting in this role. Lisa, Jolie s character in Girl, Interrupted, likes the attention she gets through her actions and enjoys people wondering about her mental status. Angelina Jolie herself is constantly under the microscope of the media and has often been criticized by decisions she s made, mostly personal. Many people have formed negative opinions toward Jolie because of her personal life, instead of judging her by her acting

skills and accomplishments. In this way, Jolie was able to put herself in Lisa s position and may have used this opportunity to release frustrations with the media through Lisa. The ability to be more than just a one dimensional actress and be versatile in the roles played and the characters portrayed is something Angelina Jolie possesses. It is clearly shown in Girl, Interrupted, but also in Jolie s first feature film, Hackers. She portrayed Kate “Acid Burn” Libby, the only girl who can lay claim to the status of elite hacker. Kate Libby is a strong-willed adolescent female who is the leader in the group of hackers, despite her sex. Once Kate and Dade Murphy (Johnny Lee Miller) meet each other they become instant enemies. This is where we find a classic love hate

relationship: He loves her and she hates him. Kate has a competitive personality, and believes she is the best at what she does. When Dade challenges her to a hacking competition, it sends her competitive side into overdrive and forces her to make the deal with Dade. The competition finally ends with Dade winning because the guys felt that was the only way he d get a date. This scene captures Angelina Jolie in perfect form. This is one of the first movies to have a woman as a powerful figure, even though it may seem a bit childish. This role emphasizes a woman s ability to be powerful, intelligent, hard working, and diligent in a world full of men. Angelina Jolie has to play one character with many different degrees of personality. Kate is depicted as a good-looking, intelligent

female who does not seem she would be involved in a crime such as hacking. As we get to know Kate, Angelina Jolie must switch from the sweet and innocent girl she is made out to be, into a girl with a rebellious, edgy, the “world is mine”- type attitude. This is a task, which can not be rehearsed, for playing a character with many different dimensions of personality is a skill that can either be learned or naturally possessed. The ability of Angelina Jolie to carry this film through the somewhat juvenile plot shows the magnitude of her acting capabilities. It seems as though watching the movie numerous times only allows the viewer to realize the quality of Angelina Jolie s acting to a greater extent. Angelina Jolie s portrayal of Kate “Acid Burn” Libby in Hackers

demonstrates her skill in being able to play an adolescent role in a somewhat infantile film, yet still make a lasting impression on a viewer due to her incredible acting skills. This character portrayal may not be different from her own life, and may have been perfected through method acting. Kate Libby was the only female in her group and didn t mind being different. She used her actions to draw attention from other people and like the idea of standing out. Jolie is like this in her own life. She is very different from most actresses, and many of the things she chooses to do gets attention from the media, which makes people look at her differently. She was a young, up-and-coming actress at this time, but through this role she mayb have shown the world what was to come. Angelina