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there is still not a cure and we may still be far from finding one, I think that there is hope and people who have contracted HIV should think positive so that their spirit remain high. They have found drugs like protease inhibitors which in clinical trials ion human, have reduces the virus in the bloodstream by as much as 99%. (Pitta, Jule Home Edition, Los Angeles Times, 1-15-95, pB-8) Also, the FDA is making experimental drugs available to individuals who are suffering from life threatening disease and I b elieve that it is excellent. If drugs are needed to be tested why not test and let human people with the virus use these drugs rather than animals. (Chaggiano, Christopher, First treatment approved for sever PCP.. Vol 28, FDA Consumer, 301094 pg. 7). I believe that mandatory

testing of Health Care workers should be dome, yet it violates their right to privacy and self-determination and can not be justifies by claims concerning public welfare or epidemic control. It wasted resources it creates false impressions about patient exposure proneness from surgical procedures, it discriminated against surgeons and other health care personnel, and it create d unnecessary administrative and liability headaches for physicians and hospitals, In short it is unethical. (Bradtson, Keith, Vol. 19, Second Opinion, 1-1-94 P 26) Altogether AIDS needs to be controlled. Whether it is educating our youth or testing healthcare workers. It needs to be controlled. So, until there is a cure. We must go to all extremes in preventing this virus from spreading much more that it

already has. If you could spread it then you need to be tested, educated , isolated and treated. We must do all that it takes to prevent someone else from being infected.