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other victims. Currently, there are no cures or vaccines for AIDS, however scientists have created ways to prolong the life-span of infected individuals through the use of many drugs. Drugs such as AZT (azidothymidine), ddI (dideozyinosine), ddC (dideoxycytidine), d4T (dideoxydidehydrothymidine), 3TC (lamivudine) have been proven to interfere with the replication process of the virus, but do not seem to have an affect in the cells of full blown AIDS. Just recently however, there have been indications of a possible treatment method that can suppress the AIDS virus in newly exposed victims. The combination of Hydroxea, ddI, and Indinavir, seem to be highly effective in ceasing the replication process and enhancing the immune system. Though it is not one hundred percent, there have

been cases in which these drugs proved effective in fighting AIDS antibodies. As for now, the best cure we have for AIDS is education and risk reduction. Because AIDS can only be spread in a few ways, the most logical answer is to disengange from any behaviors that might put ourselves at risk for catching AIDS. Through educating our communities and our young people of the hidden dangers and consequences of catching this virus, we may be able to slow the toll of deaths and bring this virus to an end,… for now.