Aids Essay Research Paper AIDS is probably

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Aids Essay, Research Paper AIDS is probably the most known and most deadly disease in the nation and probably in the whole world. It is a disease that strikes anywhere, anytime, and anyone. That is why I believe sex education is a very beneficial and effective way to let people know about AIDS. I remember my sex education class in the eighth grade. We learned about the male and female reproductive systems, and we learned about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). After that, we learned of ways to prevent STDs and have safe sex. My teacher even brought samples to the class and showed us how they worked. Some people might consider it an inappropriate class, but they are not looking at the positive side of it. In today s world, most parents don t have the time to sit down and

have a decent conversation about sex. They are not there to provide the details and consequences that come with sex. A sex education class promotes a better understanding, and it also promotes the idea of safe sex. These classes can help reduce and eliminate STDs and AIDS. Kids will have the opportunity to understand that AIDS and STDs are a serious threat, and they will think twice about having unprotected sex. Sex education is a step towards the fight against AIDS. Kids will have a clear knowledge of the disease and how serious it is. This class will encourage abstinence and safe sex. The United States is one of the most thoroughly developed countries in the world. At the present moment, we are a country that can talk about anything and be comfortable with it. We don t beat

around the bush. We come out and say what is in our minds. We don t blush at the mention of the word sex . In other countries, you receive immaturity and discomfort. We, unlike them, have the advantage to teach kids something that will be valuable and beneficial to their lives when they grow up to become adults. Somehow, some people still refuse to promote sex education. These people are the conservative parents and citizens who are still living in the Stone Age. There is no such thing nowadays. We live in a world in which AIDS is real. We must confront it, not avoid it. Some individuals also think that AIDS only travels through individuals who just don t know how to take care of themselves. They believe it only happens to people who are sexually active, homosexuals, or are drug

addicts. Like many people say, It only takes one time . People don t say this to benefit their health. They say this because it is true. We have to realize that AIDS befalls anyone, anywhere, and anytime, and it just has to happen once. People are ignorant and say, It s not going to happen to me . Then they go into utter shock, when they discover that they are diagnosed with HIV. If we continue to be ignorant, the disease will sweep the country. Some people don t agree that these classes should be taught in schools. These are the people that are ignorant and don t want to face the realities of this world. They are the ones that say that kids don t need that type of education because they are too young or well aware , but then they are the ones who are going to hear: Mom, Dad I m

HIV positive . Why is it an inappropriate education ? Wouldn t you want your kids to learn something that can save their lives?