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original article to follow those debates. I will only quote twomore paragraphs:”We often heard the argument that experiments with human volunteers are part ofa barbaric past, and that they would be impossible in the US today… We wishto present one single document whose authenticity is beyond doubt. Aninvestigative commission of the US House of Representatives presented inOctober 1986 a final report concerning the Manhattan Project. According to thisdocument, between 1945 and 1975 at least 695 American citizens were exposedto dangerous doses of radioactivity. Some of them were prisoners who hadvolunteered, but they also included residents of old-age homes, inmates ofinsane asylums, handicapped people in nursing homes, and even normal patientsin public hospitals; most of them

were subjected to these experiments withouttheir permission. Thus the ‘barbaric past` is not really a thing of the past.”"It is remarkable that most of these experiments were carried out in universityinstitutes and federal hospitals, all of which are named in the report.Nonetheless, these facts remained secret until 1984, and even then aCongressional committee that was equipped with all the necessaryauthorization needed two years in order to bring these facts to life. We areoften asked how the work on the AIDS virus could have been kept secret. Now,experiments performed on a few dozen prisoners in a laboratory that issubject to military security can be far more easily kept secret than couldbe the Manhattan Project.” >