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infection." (Record AIDS Funding Won in FY99 Budget) The growing number of people living with the HIV and AIDS virus, need increasing funds to support and help out their lives and living conditions. The budget, when it is written up, needs careful consideration so the government can sufficiently provide every program and group with the funds they need. In the AIDS aspect of the budget, there is a lot of funding that is needed. Funding is needed to help the immigrants, and also to inform the color communities and women of their high risk of contracting the horrible disease. Children, especially those abandoned or given up on by their parents, are also in desperate need of funding, so they may prolong their lives by even a little bit. HMO plans, without proper funding

decisions from the budget are threatened, because medicine and care is provided through the services. To create more housing opportunities, there must be more funds, because without the HIV/AIDS shelters, those who are homeless will have no place to turn, and will end up dying on the streets. The plans for the budget in Fiscal Year 1999, are a huge improvement from the previous years, and if the funds continue to increase especially for research, there is a greater possibility to arrive at an AIDS cure.