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Aids Action Essay, Research Paper Interest Group: Aids Action 1. Size- Is this a national, regional, or local interest group? Membership- How many people are members at national and local levels? - Aids action is a national interest group - Aids action contains 1,000 members at national and local levels 2. How to contact them: - What is the address of the national headquarters? - What is the state address? - What is the local address? Address of the national headquarters: Aids Action 1906 Sunderland Place, NW Washington, DC 20036 Aids Action Council 1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 700 Washington, DC 20009 Daniel T. Bross, Executive Director Aids Action 131 Clarendon Street Boston, MA 02116 3. What are its major purposes or stated aims? Our mission is threefold: - to provide

support services to people living with Aids and HIV, as well as the people who love and care for them. - to educate the general public, health care professionals, and individuals whose behavior puts them at high risk for HIV infection. - to advocate at the local, state, and federal level for fair and effective Aids public policy and funding 4. Who founded this organization? When and where was it begun? What were the circumstances surrounding its creation? - This Aids Action organization was founded by a small group of volunteers. - This organization was created in 1982 in Massachusetts. - The circumstances surrounding its creation was that there was many people living with the Aids and HIV virus that needed help. 5. What legislative program has it supported or opposed? That is,

what kinds of laws has it favored and/or opposed to achieve its aims? Give examples. - Aids Action convinced Vice President Gore to endorse its Reinventing Medicaid proposal, which would for the first time ensure access to life-saving drug therapies for low income men, women and children living with HIV but have not yet developed Aids. - Aids Action led the fight for the historic passage of the Work Incentives Improvement Act, allowing people with disabilities, including those living with HIV/Aids, the ability to return to work without losing health coverage through Medicare and Medicaid. - Aids Action was the leading force behind the successful defeat of the near elimination of Aids housing programs. Aids Action transformed this triumph into increased funding for these programs.

- Aids Action led a successful effort to convince the Social Security Administration to expand benefits for women with Aids. 6. List and describe the methods it uses to exert its influence with the government and with the public? Provide at least two examples of these methods. Extra Credit: 8. What services does it provide for its members? - legal assistance - financial advocacy - housing services - support groups - respite care - emergency financial assistance - transportation - moving assistance - medical treatment information - meal delivery - buddies - prevention case management - mental health counseling - substance abuse services - nutritional counceling - adherance support - case management - the Hotline