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to promote AIDS awareness. The U.S. government has also attempted to assist HIV-infected individuals through legislation and additional community-funding measures. In 1990 HIV-infected people were included in the Americans with Disabilities Act, making discrimination against these individuals for jobs, housing, and other social benefits illegal. Additionally, a community-funding program designed to assist in the daily lives of people living with AIDS was established. This congressional act, the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act, was named in memory of a young man who contracted HIV through blood products and became a public figure for his courage in fighting the disease and community prejudice. The act is still in place, although continued funding for such

social programs is under debate by current legislators. The lack of effective vaccines and antiviral drugs has spurred speculation that the funding for AIDS research is insufficient. Although the actual amount of government funding for AIDS research is large, most of these funds are used for expensive clinical studies to evaluate new Lorusso 4 drugs. Many scientists believe that not enough is known about the basic biology of HIV, and they recommend shifting the emphasis of AIDS research to basic research that could ultimately result in more effective medicines. Most people agree that AIDS is a very important issue and cannot be ignored. Personally, I believe that the country and society is to blame for the spread of AIDS. We let it get out of control. The modes of transmission

have been known for a considerable amount of time, yet the disease still continues to spread. There are few people who can honostly claim not to know the ways in which AIDS is transmitted. Similarly, there are very few people who don’t know the ways to prevent the spread of AIDS. These methods are very simple and easy to follow. Yet, thousands will be infected this year alone. Another aspect of AIDS that up until very recently was a serious problem is the treatment, or mistreatment, of those who are HIV positive, but do not have AIDS. One of the most famous stories is the treatment of Ryan White. He was not allowed to attend a public school because he had AIDS. His story was told and people began to realize that those with HIV can lead “normal” lives and must be treated

equally. Fortunately, conditions have improved. It is hard to know what society might be like had it not been for AIDS. It might be fair to assume that society in general would be much more sexually promiscuous had AIDS not curbed this trend. Another effect that isn’t usually noticed at first glance is the creation of jobs. AIDS has made it necessary for thousands of workers in the pharmaceuticals industry as well as research. Also, people have been hired to counsel AIDS patients and write literature about the causes and Lorusso 5 the methods of prevention. Even the arts have changed since AIDS came about. Songs have been written. Movies have been made, such as ‘The Band Played On’. In conclusion, the effects of AIDS on society are very far-reaching. They stretch from

social behavior changes to a change in art and music. AIDS has caused all Americans to think about their lives and how fragile life is. They must be careful and use caution. Hopefully, all of society will one day know the causes of AIDS and the means of prevention. They will take knowledge and apply it. With a cure and an end to the spread of this disease, society will survive and prosper. Bibliography Martelli, Leonard J. and others. When Someone You Know Has AIDS. Crown, 1987. Shilts, Randy. And the Band Played On. St. Martin’s, 1987. Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic . Weitz, Rose. Life with AIDS. Rutgers, 1991.