Agreeing With Strict Parents Essay Research Paper

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Agreeing With Strict Parents Essay, Research Paper Every day, thousands of babies are delivered at hospitals around the world. At the same time, the parents of these newborn must decide and begin the “rearing” process which will effectively guide their children from infancy to adulthood. Many adults opt toward leniency and allow their children to both partake in crucial decisions and learn from their self-made mistakes. Other parents more actively mold their children into responsible adults with a combination of strict rules and constant supervision. As adults, many of the most sought after employees are those with either military or business /industry training (such as the Xerox or IBM program), which emphasize success traits such as humility, rigidity, compassion, and

stability. I agree with my parent?s philosophy of raising children that yielded three responsible adults?my twin sister, my adopted brother, and I. As an active and stricter parent, one of the hardest obstacles in controlling your child?s environment is monitoring and restricting outside influences such as friends, television, print media, and other factors. Growing up, my parents always took the initiative to meet and interact with all of our friends. In many instances, we were not allowed to “play” with free-spirited friends, “Cherie” or “Chris”, without parental supervision, but could “play” with other friends with more watchful parents almost limitlessly within a certain curfew. Similarly, my parents had full control concerning our television habits. For

example, although we were able to visit with and invite over friends, but the television was not to be turned on until after all homework was completed. At that point, the program must be approved by either my mother or father until I was a junior in high school. Although I believed my parents were meddling in my affairs and choosing my friends, I now see how this has made a positive impact in my life. None of my friends have ever been in any trouble, used drugs, or seriously challenged authority. And I did not “grow up” too fast by watching certain television programs or movies. Having a twin sister and an adopted brother the same age, my parents allowed all of us to have mutual friends?and we did. One of my best friends was “Beth”. Likewise, my sister Dione and

“Brian” were always close. Separating the guys and the girls was not an important issue for my parents, that is, until we reached the dating age. Starting about age 12 or 13, the bedroom and playroom doors were always required to be open when a girl was in mine or Darren?s room, a boy was in Dione?s room, or mixed company was in the playroom. Although I am sure we all had “secret” crushes and played “spin-the-bottle”, we were not allowed to date until 15 (with supervision) and 16 thereafter. I believe all my siblings and I treat the person we love and/or date with patience, respect, and compassion?and I believe we owe this to our parent?s upbringing. Deciding on how to raise a child can be tough. The liberal, more “hand-off” approach can be effective with the

right amount of guidance and consequences. However, I believe the stricter approach my parents used is most effective. I believe that I am a empathetic and successful person just like my parents. Bibliography No bibliogprahies needed. This is a narrative. I got a A on it.