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them and if they don??t take any measurements for any protection, they will possibly lose their coveted job. In some aspect of female??s ability, they sometimes have some advantages than the male. A scientific investigation shows that, under the same IQ level, women??s language area of the brain is more sensitive and easier to be invoked. Although the investigation also shows that if involving the geometry, equations, and numbers, that will be men??s cup of tea, this investigation can not cover all the entire male and female??s ability. Any way it warns the men that the women are not like they always misunderstand as incompetent in every aspect. As a matter of fact, even some women with good education also can have not only the good ability of language but also the excellent

ability on numbers, management and IT, which were once regarded as men??s patent. Which is more important, higher education makes them get the chance to be in touch with the excellent males so that to study from them to perfect the women selves. There is such a web site named, which is chiefly executed by a male and a female leader. Through this way, they can make the full use of both male and female??s advantages and that is perfect. The women activists contribute much to the rise of Asian women. Many social activists, especially the female ones in Asia have formed the unions for women rights. The rights would enable the woman to obtain their proper status in the society, which has long been controlled by the man. For example, in Korea, women are only the economic

sacrifice of this country. Men have the rights to come home late, after drinking liquor and massage, to command their wives who have to stay at home all day long to take care the whole family; what if the women come out and go back late, you can imagine what will happen then. After I read some stories on the social status of the Korean women, I got more comprehension on why the Asian women are so eager to rise up and they are protesting so intensely against the unfairness. There is such a tough lady in Korea has formed a union for the women to get fair treatment in their job. That is a good start and never means the end. In my opinion, as we are entering a new century, women??s strike for their rights will continue to be going on and on, and after that, more and more women will

rise up to get their future in the command of themselves.