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Aggressiveness + Brain = Success Essay, Research Paper Aggressiveness + Brain = Success Nowadays, the women in Asia are receiving more and more reputations than before. In China the most successful and welcomed TV anchormen are the men and women half to half and the female anchormen have much more chance to take part in some TV series show than their male colleagues; even the national woman soccer team of China, after they acquired the second prize in the World Cup last year, their brilliant glory erased our male soccer player??s incompetence. Women, especially the Asian women, are no longer those whom only had to stay at home taking care of her husband and children, making dinners and cleaning the houses to spend her whole life. Now some of them would like to share much more

respect from the men rather than make a living depending on them as before. How could women stand up so fast? Why couldn??t they realize 100 years earlier? As the article RISE OF THE ASIA WOMEN has mentioned, the women??s rising up at present, depends mostly on the development of the new economy, which includes IT, management, and information services. Females who are successful in some fields are those who have received higher education and have much know-how in their work. Females are born the same IQ level with the male, so to make full use of their wisdom is the key for their success. It will be non sense for them to compete the men by strength. They need brain. Many works, however, demands both wisdom when at work, and aggressiveness for violent challenge. So to be

aggressive as a man, rather than powerful, does make sense in women??s rising up. In tradition, women are obedient to the men and then what did they get, the blame, the beat, and the prejudice? They are not permitted to have their own thoughts and suggestions to offend the profits of male, and that makes the women incompetent and they never resist until now. But now, things are totally different. Some women dare to toss different opinion to the one that the men think right. The women now dare to violate the traditional regulations so that they can take part in the violent competence that is the male??s monopoly for thousands of years. Provided that a female wants to get a management career from a male who is in the same academic background as her, she should have more abilities

and experiences than the male, and the other significant thing is that she should be aggressive. Aggressiveness enables the women behave more powerfully and of course bothers lots of the men. How could you suppose that a female team leader in a company, with a soft characteristic, is able to take the management of tens of the males who are slavering at her position? The phenomenon that the women are getting more and more aggressive is formed up not in one day. Actually, the desire to get the same position as the man makes the female has a long-term plan for her future in as early as she is only a student. The opening society is always advocating the fair treatment to the man and woman, although as a matter of fact women are always prejudiced in no matter the career, or the social

affairs. Many of those who are not so aggressive and haven??t much education always fail in job application; even those who once had a prominent job will possibly lose it after they give birth of a baby. That makes woman furious — the man could show much respect to mother while don??t care much about wife, woman colleagues or subordinates. The superficial fairness is not the real thing woman want. They knows better than to depend wholly on it and only themselves?? independence could get rid of such unfairness. Most of the successful woman they have a common point that they are self-confident, so much confident that even the male can not catch up with them. Self confidence enables the woman more competent and seems more aggressive in their career, for there are wolves all around