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to get treatment, many veterans died of cancers believing that Agent Orange caused it. One of the first was Colin Simpson, who applied for benefits from the Commonwealth Government in 1980. He applied under the repatriation act of 1920, and claimed his cancer resulted from exposure to toxic chemicals during his time in Vietnam. Colin died, but his wife continued on with his claim helped by The Vietnam Veterans Association of America, she was ultimately successful. Veterans of course presumed that this would set a precedent, but that was not the case. Every veteran with cancer would have to prove a link before they could receive any treatment. Many died of course without being able to do that. Agent Orange was used in Vietnam, but when they finished using it overseas they had

plenty of Agent Orange left over. One way they got rid of Agent Orange was selling it to the a state agency called Texas Surplus Agency, which in turn sold it to other state agency?s. One of these agencies was Sabine River Authority in Rains Co. People got hurt or died just to cover up their big mistake that Kelly AFB Made. On January 30, 1990 the Texas Water Commission District 8 Office received a complaint call form Mr. Glen Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson stated that around 1978 he was at the Texas Surplus Property Agency located at 2103 Ackerman Road in San Antonio buying materials for the school district he was working for at the time. Mr. Wilkinson stated that he had observed the burial of drums on the site. Mr. Wilkinson stated that he believed that the drums he observed being

buried contained surplus Agent Orange from the U.S. Military. The writer informed Mr. Wilkinson that it would be very difficult to substantiate the complaint with out some type of physical evidence. He was informed that some type of physical examination of the disposal area would be required to obtain the necessary proof. Mr. Wilkinson contacted the District 8 Office again on February 21, 1990 and provided Henry Karnei with a more detailed description of the location of the buried drums. On February 27, 1990 the writer conducted an inspection of the Texas Surplus Property Agency site. Marvin Titzman (executive director) represented the Texas Surplus Property Agency. Mr. Titzman stated that although the agency had handled surplus Agent Orange and other surplus pesticides at the

facility, none of the material was ever buried. He stated that nothing had ever been buried at the facility. Mr. Titzman stated that he was unwilling to spend any of the agency?s funds to search for buried drums but that the Texas Water Commission was free to conduct any type of search as long as the site was left in good condition. Inspection of the storage yard of the Texas Surplus Property Agency on February 27, 1990 did not uncover any physical evidence that any waste was buried on-site. Over the next three months options were discussed with Mr. Wilkinson as to the best method to gather physical evidence to substantiate his complaint. Mr. Wilkinson says that the 50 to 200 drums of Agent Orange and other toxic waste that he saw being buried in 1979 at Texas Surplus Property

Agency were still there in 1990. When in 1990 he got to go on to the property, when he arrived he picked up metal in the ground with a metal detector. Then he re-got permission to go on the property and two months later he picked up 22 more hot spots in the parking lot at 2103 Ackerman Rd, in San Antonio in Guadalupa County. Mr. Wilkinson states that if you go to the southeast corner of the property then by counting the metal fence posts going toward the southwest fence post, counting from the first post and going down to the 35th post, you should be in the middle of the storage lot. At the 35th fence post go 15 feet north from the south fence, and dig down 15 feet, there you will find buried drums! He says that when this site is uncovered, it will prove that the city of Dallas

was contaminated with Agent Orange, because it will prove that Agent Orange was being sold to Sabine River Authority and that what he saw was true. Agent Orange has effected the lives of millions of people, the people that had the bad fate to be exposed to this deadly chemical had families and they felt, as much if not more pain than the people contaminated than you would think. Agent Orange was one of the most irresponsible things this country has ever put into action, they tested it before it was put to use, and they saw that it was harmful, but they used it anyway. Because of the irresponsibility of the government, thousands of U.S. soldiers gave their lives to something that was intentionally used to affect the ?bad guys?. Now millions of people have large deep wholes in