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counterparts. Older people are also discriminated against in many other ways besides employment. One venue that is abundant with age discrimination is the media today. Older people are portrayed in today s media as being people who are out-of-fashion, boring, non-tolerant, and in some cases stupid. I am sure that it is possible to find people that fit this scenario but the truth is that older people today have changed greatly from the last generation of older people. In my short time on this earth I have found no other age group that is more helpful and considerate than that of older people. I have grown to appreciate the time I spend with so-called geezers because they provide many different insights on life that I cannot obtain anywhere else. Older people have seen and been

though so much during their life that should make us appreciate them as much as we can instead of putting them down. Older people are also discriminated against when it comes to finding and securing different types of insurance. These different insurances range from automobile to life insurance. Companies feel that they have the right to raise one s insurance once you reach a certain age level because you become a liability. This statement, in most cases, is a completely invalid excuse to make more money on the insurance company s behalf. I can understand insurance companies raising premiums once you reach 80 years of age but how can they justify raising them once you turn 50 years old? The two most common insurance premiums that are raised are car and health. As a result of

these higher premiums older people are forced to enter HMO s in which they are limited to certain doctors that the insurance companies have approved for them to go to. These limited doctors are usually the ones who do not spend a lot of time to get to know their patients because they are so busy tending to many other people. As a result of this, the health care of older people usually is not at the level in which it needs to be in order to maintain a healthy life. I personally think that this is a very serious issue that should be addressed because insurance companies are sacrificing the health of thousands upon thousands of people just to save some money. I, however, feel very strongly that senior citizens should not receive discounts until they reach the age of 70. I feel that

giving senior citizens discounts before they reach this age is an unfair advantage because most people are capable and willing to work until 70 years old but quit because their pension kicks in and they receive discounts. I feel that since the average life span is expanding with every passing year, then so too should our laws pertaining to older people. The United States government has recognized age discrimination and has passed many laws pertaining to the dilemma. The Anti-Discrimination Act was passed to try to curb the unfair treatment of people based on their age. The articles under this act are very specific in pointing out what is and what is not age discrimination. It is your responsibility as a human to speak up against discrimination and fight for your rights. Age

discrimination will only end once a new generation of people starts to accept all of their fellow humans equally and judge them solely on their character and not their age. It is important to remember how it felt to be excluded when we were young and we will once again feel that exclusion once again when we are old. We need to prevent this exclusion from happening by respecting all people regardless of their age.