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Ag Research Project Essay, Research Paper RESEARCH PROJECT RESEARCH QUESTION: How does the level of acid in a soil effect plant growth and yield? METHOD: First potting mix was put into twelve equally sized pots. The pots will be divided into three groups of four pots. Three of the four groups was treated with solutions of water and hydrochloric acids, these solutions were of varying degrees of acidity. The first group will be the control and therefore will be untreated. The second group will be treated with a 1 molar acid, the third group of pots with a 2 molar acid and the fourth group treated with a 3 molar acid. Seeds will then be planted in all the pots. Once the plants germinate they will be thinned out to 5 plants per pot to ensure standardised conditions. The project

will run over five weeks. The height of the plants will be recorded and graphed weekly, using a series of line graphs. In addition photographs will be taken weekly to show the development of the plants and to display the results more clearly. While the project is running the health of the plants will be assessed daily by using a scale of 1-5 (1-healthy, 5-sick). During the experiment there will be standardised conditions everything will be kept the same including: -Size and colour of the pots -Species of plant -Amount of light -Watering levels -Growing area e.g. hothouse REASEARCH: Research was conducted from the following places: The School Library- information on soil acidity and liming from Ag Facts, Farm Journal Magazines, CSIRO magazines. School computers- Internet research

was conducted at the CSIRO site where I found a similar research project on soil acidity. Department of Agriculture- consulting with the soils officer about setting up a trial. I also received photocopying of useful information on soil acidity. Consultation from Agriculture teacher- The class teacher provided information about restrictions on the school farm. Contacted Agronomist- The agronimist that I consulted was an ex research scientist and helped with the setting up of the project.