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After The Accident Essay, Research Paper After The Accident What? I said with disbelief. There s no way! It can t be! I was twenty-three when I lost him. My heart s been afflicted with sorrow before but not as much as losing him. I still remember that cold January day like it was yesterday. A coroner and a policeman came knocking at my door. They asked for Mrs. Flores. Naturally, I thought they were looking for my mother-in-law. They asked who I was and if I had any relation at all with the Flores family. Then they showed me his license, to see if I knew him. My Jay. My God, it s my Jay. The policeman told me what had happened. He s been in an accident ma am, and I regret to tell you that he didn t make it. What? I said with disbelief. There s no way! It can t be! I was in

total shock and denial. I could not bring myself to the fact that he s gone. I did not cry that day. I was filled with too much confusion to cry. It felt as though an arrow had shot right through my heart. I was still in disbelief trying to recall and piece that morning. It was 8:30am when we woke up. He was late for work, and we were arguing over who was to pick up his son from school in the afternoon. Eventually we decided he would since I had a doctor s appointment with the OB/GYN. I kissed him good-bye, and I watched him leave in his green Integra. Five hours later, these people came to tell he is dead. I wouldn t accept that. I had to see him for myself. I could not sleep that night. We weren t allowed to see his body until the next day. I walked into that mortuary with my

head up. I promised myself not to cry because I was with child. But as I entered there, the decay stench overcame my confidence. As I walked through the halls, thoughts came racing through my mind. I didn t know how to react. I knew it was bad for me to see him this way because I was pregnant. But I wanted to see him. I walked in his room holding my father-in-law s hand. When I saw his body lying there, I was literally paralyzed . I could not move. It was like all of a sudden my knees got weak. And then I started to cry. His face was completely bruised. His left head had a big bump and had a laceration. It was as though his face was smashed. I bursted with tears and so did his family. I stayed with his body until they closed. We found out that afternoon how and what had happened

to him during the accident. The police report revealed that he was racing with another car on the freeway when he lost control. His car spun a 360-degree and overturned. His seatbelt tore up and he was thrown out of his car. Just when he was thrown out of the car, a van struck his body. He died instantly on the scene. The police couldn t determine if he was already dead before the van struck him. I just couldn t understand why he s gone, but I guess at least he died doing what he loved the most.