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Brave boys they are! Who will say, Three cheers for the 54th Mass. Vols., 32d and I02d U.S.C.T., and for the 25th Ohio Vols., the I07th Ohio Vols., I5th and 56th N.Y. vols., and the 4th Mass., and the 3d New York Artillery, and for General [Edward E.] Potter’s brave troops? For we are the ones that destroyed and drove the rebels from the field, totally demoralizing them. The last fight we had was at Statesburg, and there the rebels stood for the last time; for we slaughtered them in great numbers. They left the field strewn with their dead and wounded. We captured, for the rest, in South Carolina, on our return to Georgetown, fifteen locomotives, and one hundred and forty cars loaded with ammunition, small arms and stores. We destroyed them all. We captured five hundred

contrabands, five hundred prisoners, destroyed a vast deal of property, and captured about eighty head of horses. We are now encamped at Georgetown, and I hope we will soon be home with our friends and relatives.”