African Slavery Essay Research Paper African slavery

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African Slavery Essay, Research Paper African slavery began when Africans were torn from their homes and shipped across the ocean to America. Once in America, the slaves not only lost their liberty but also their past. They had no one to appeal to for help when they were starved, beaten or sold away from their families. Northerners began to notice the injustice against the slaves. Some northerners decided to proclaim justice for these slaves and to fight for their free will. The subject of slavery became a sectional issue as it divided northerners regarding their stance on slavery. This sectional issue inevitably caused a civil war as people held strong convictions regarding slavery. The military conflict between the United States of America (the Union) and the Confederate

States of America (the confederacy) lasted from 1861 to 1865. ?The war took more than 6oo,ooo lives, brought freedom to 4 million black slaves and opened wounds that have not completely healed to this day? (Encarta). The slaves that were freed were now faced with a new dilemma, how to deal with daily life. Toni Morrison depicts this struggle in Beloved. She connects the horrors of slavery to a victim and her descendants. The torment and torture suffered by Sethe, not only affects her but rather all those around her. Beloved?s character serves as a catalyst for re-introducing the past. Beloved re-introduces the past in two different ways. The first example is her presence in Sethe and Denver?s life. Beloved is there to remind them of the suffering she lived through when she was

away from her family and have them experience the same suffering. The second way Beloved re-introduces the past is by bringing back the past horrors of slavery that victims tried so hard to keep repressed in their subconscious. Beloved?s first goal is to remind Sethe of the suffering that was beginning to be forgotten due to Paul D?s presence. Paul D is the obstacle that scares the ghost off and leads to Beloved?s return in a physical form. Sethe and Denver were finally beginning to find happiness and acceptance within their community. Their fears had begun to subside and things became what they were: ?drabness looked drab; heat was hot. Windows suddenly had view?(p.39). However, Beloved?s return enforced the pain and misery Sethe had so desperately tried to forget. Beloved is

determined to remind her of her past where she lived on through Sethe?s memories. Paul D?s presence took third place in the household, a position which once belonged to her. Beloved felt that Paul D not only pushed her spirit away from the house, but abruptly took over the household she once controlled and empowered: ?And on the way home, although leading them now, the shadows of three people still held hands?(p.49). Beloved could no longer accept that someone else was reinstating her position so she decided to return as ?a hot thing?(p.210) and not a ghost. Beloved refuses to let Sethe live in happiness as long as she has to live in a world of darkness where?there is nothing to breathe and no room to move in?(p.75). As soon as Beloved arrives at their home, Sethe?s life goes

through dramatic changes. Sethe and her family?s happiness slowly decline. Beloved eventually gets rid of Paul D, the barrier to getting to Sethe?s heart. Beloved contemplates ways of seeking revenge by trying to learn the most possible about Sethe?s past and use it in the context in which she once lived. Beloved?s plan is successful as Sethe attempts to make up for the past years. Sethe?s guilt is overwhelming and is demonstrated in her attempt to give to Beloved everything she lacks. While paying Beloved all her attention, she neglects Denver. Sethe begins to arrive late to work and ?spends her thirty eight dollars of life savings to buy fancy food, ribbons and expensive fabrics to make fancy dresses?(p.240). When she lost her job and had no financial comfort, Beloved continued