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care is that while company provided coverage is tax free without limitations, there are no tax benefits for health coverage purchased by the family. A minimum wage worker in a small firm without a health plan is given no tax relief if he buys a minimal insurance policy for his family. T he inequitable tax relief is the major reason that an estimated 15 million African Americans lack any health coverage at all, and others are underinsured (Fitzgerald 42). According to Ellis, the provision of health care must be separated from the employer/employee relationship. Access to health care should not be in jeopardy if they change or lose their job. Also, affordable health insurance system should receive its revenue from progressive income taxes. Funding through payroll taxes would be

less desirable, but should include a wage floor to ease the poor. In conclusion, African Americans are not healthy. Not because we lack the technological and financial means to be healthy, but because important aspects of our culture and medical institutions are not concerned with well-being. Access to good medical care is financially irrational. A large number of Africans Americans lacks access to care because of extreme medical cost. Reform is the only way to provide affordable and reasonable care for everyone. Castro, J. “Condition: Critical.” Time 25 Nov. 1999: 34-40. Drake, Donald. Medical Mayhem. Kansas: Universal Press, 1996. Ellis, D. “Band-Aids to patch up health care.” Time 17 Feb. 1997: 20-22. Fitzgerald, Susan. Hard Choices: Health Care at What Costs? Kansas:

Universal Press, 1997. Jaffe, Mark. Health Care? Who Cares? New York: Harper, 1998.