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middle-class minorities, the lower income groups still remaining uneducated and unsuccessful. The focus should be shifted to aiding the disadvantaged, regardless of race or color, and preference should be based on economic status, not race. Race is still a problem, this is not a color blind society (Killers of whites were 4.3 times more likely to receive the death penalty in Georgia than killers of other races). Steps should be taken to close the gap between the races, but using race as a criterion, even if for honest purposes, will not eliminate racism, it only serves to accentuate the differences between races. Instead, children need to be taught tolerance early on, projects to enhance diversity in schools should be established, outreach programs in the community should be

created, minority youths should be tutored so they can excell in school and be given opportunities. There are a profusion of alternatives to Affirmative Action which can all be explored. In conclusion, Affirmative Action is one of the most important and controversial social issues of our time, and will continue to be questionable as long as it is part of our legal system. Legal decisions regarding Affirmative Action are thrusting it towards extinction, but its supporters will fight fiercely to reverse the trend, and itt will be interesting to observe the direction taken by the courts in the next few years. Regardless of the outcome, Affirmative Action has revolutionized the way the population views race, whether part of the majority or the minority.