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work to acquire this stereo and it came out to roughly 55.5 hours nearly a week and a halves worth of work. I then thought to myself is a stereo worth 55 hours of my time, and do I really have $500 for a unnecessary expense such as a new stereo. In the end I decided against the purchase, and by doing things of this sort when making a purchase can make affluenza a memory rather than a reality. This is just one method that I use but there are many other methods, simple methods such as going hiking instead of going to a shopping mall. Or while contemplating a major purchase sleep on it for a few days and then decide whether the item is within ones means. In the end one has to remember that the Joneses aren’t the co In concluding, because affluenza is so dangerous it is important

to track and gather information about it and how one can become infected with this terrible disease. Informing and educating oneself is always at the heart of preventing anything bad from happening but with affluenza it takes precedence. Remember to always take time when making a major purchase, use common sense, and ask the question do your ends meet your needs. There are many things one can do to steer clear of affluenza, but overall the cure for affluenza lye’s in the hands of each person and their spending choices. In the end I would warn that although affluenza can be prevented and even cured, it should not be underestimated it can do irreversible damage to families, and financial statements alike. I would also contend that society has an obligation to combat affluenza,

but again the burden lye’s with the individual to make the difference. In closing, one final question one should ask them selves is do I have affluenza?