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as good as they would be in a high income area, that that should be taken into account when being considered for higher education. Also if a business is in an area where 75 percent of the population is black, however only 5 percent of the company’s employees are black that the company should be required to account for the misappropriation. So what is the answer? Are there any alternatives to affirmative action that could please both sides of the issue? It’s doubtful. Although I am a young white male who may in some cases be a victim of this “reverse discrimination”, I believe affirmative action policies are essential in this country. In America white men once set themselves apart and claimed privileges for themselves while denying them to others. Now, on the basis of race

and gender, women and minorities are given a special status and receiving some of those privileges that they were before denied. Hanmer, Trudy J., Affirmative Action: Opportunity For All?. New Jersey: Enslow,1993. Bergmann, Barbara R., In Defense of Affirmative Action. New York: BasicBooks, 1996. Jencks, Christopher, et al “” The American Prospect 40 (September-October 1998): 44-53. Goldman, Alan H., Justice and Reverse Discrimination. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1979. Rowan, Carl T., The Coming Race War In America. Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, 1996. Sowell, Thomas. “””,” Issues and Views, Spring 1996