Affirmative Action Is Wrong Essay Research Paper

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Affirmative Action Is Wrong Essay, Research Paper Affirmative action is wrong. Affirmative action was set up to improve the educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women. It is not fair to choose students of certain nationalities over others because the school is not diverse enough. Every student has a fair chance to get into college and it just so happens that certain nationalities are admitted into colleges more than others because they perform better during their stint in high school. Admittance into colleges should not be based on nationality, but on academic statistics and performance and extracurricular activity. To improve the chances of educational opportunities for minorities are to decrease the chances of hard working scholars. It would render

their work useless. All that time staying up, studying, doing well on the tests, etc. But they aren t at the top of their school, but damn close. The colleges they apply for will drop them first in order to make opportunities more equal. (Gosh I am so bias). A myriad of exceptional performances appears chronically in students high school years, and yet they get the benefits accounted by their ethnicity. And the fact that many colleges are reluctant to disclose their criteria hides from the public what they see fit to enroll at their campus. What else do they look at besides standardized test scores? Instead of affirmative action, why not drop standardized tests? Standardized tests do hurt minorities whom are ESL (English as a second language) students. They might be able to

perform well on the math section of the SAT s, but the verbal section will surely bring their score down or limit them to how high they can get. So, standardized tests are part of the problem that might limit admittance of minorities. (It seems that I ve wandered off the topic of why affirmative action is wrong don t you think?) The situation may seem negligible, but there is a big difference between fairness and generosity. Accepting people because they are minorities is not fair, it is generosity. You are handing them enrollment simply because they are of a particular minority. That is the point to applying to good colleges, you have competition and you know you have to do well in school in order to have a chance. I have utter contempt for corrupted colleges who seem to bend

from the pressure of the public and politics.