Affirmative Action Is Equal Opportunity Essay Research

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Affirmative Action Is Equal Opportunity Essay, Research Paper Affirmative Action is Equal Opportunity Discrimination occurs all over America. The solution to this problem in the workplace and in recieving education was affirmative action, an executive order signed by President John F. Kennedy calling for an end to discrimination in the work place and education. Affirmative action has given many opportunities to minorities and women. Equal opportunity is the ultimate goal of affirmative action and that is exactly what it has provided. Affirmative action should not be banned in America. It is true that affirmative action acts as a reverse discrimination and robs qualified white malesof opportunities.Despite this fact, without affirmative action, doors would be closed to

minorities. Before affirmative action was created, minorities weregiven low skill jobs andnever given a chance to further their education beyond high school a race greatly affected before affirmative action were the African Americans. Jim crow laws segregated African Americans from any type of economic and educational opportunities. Yes affirmative action just fills quotas but without quotas an active of minorities would not berepresented in the work place. Quotas are the answers to knowing how many places should be set aside. With quotas an equal number of minorities can be seen in the workplace and in schools all over America. Equally important, is affirmative actionhas given women equall rights. Women were given rights just like men. without affirmative action women would be

still stuck at home doing nothing because of sexist men who do not think they can do the same job as men can. An example of affirmative action helping women is in 19978 an assembly plant in Michigan hired women to work in the body shop, as replacement operators, and pg.5 bumper installers. To add to that, by 1992, 640 of the plants 4,000 workers were women. Through affirmative action they had high jobs where there were guaranteed the same high wages and benefits as male co-workers. Most importantly of all, affirmative action raises the economy. More opportunity for minoritiesand women in jobs and school would equal less poverty. Affirmative action brings educational opportunities leading to job advancement and more productivity in industry. As President Bill Clinnton said, When

affirmative action is done right it is flexible, it is fair, and it works. In support of affirmative action President Clinton also said, Affirmative action has produced a whole generation of profesionals in fields that used to be exclusive clubs including more Black, Hispanic, and Asian American lawyers, judges, scientists, engineers, and accountants. In conclusion affiirmative action is the ultimatee opportunity for minorities and women to reach the American dream. Affirmative actiongives everyone equality. Without affirmative action jobs and education would not be opent minorities and women the result, poverty and discriminationbringing our country to square one. Affirmative action is our only hope not only in for equality in jobs and education but life itself. This quote sums

it all up, We seek not just freedom but opportunity, not just equality as a right and a theory but equality as a fact and a result. Lyndon B. Johnson.