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going to cause most people to feel a bit enraged. In a business where a person’s physical skills are an important part of the job, such as heavy machinery, hiring a less qualified person could cause safety issues as well. Would you want someone working a crane around you if they barely passed the test for operations? From an administrative standpoint the management may also feel a negative attitude toward being forced to hire someone who they know doesn’t fit the job, but some sort of government program is telling them too. This could cause internal conflict at even the management level toward the workers. Contract work between the government and contractors is another area that was targeted by the Affirmative Action programs. The same type of safety issues are the first

concerns that come to mind when you think of the government hiring potentially less qualified contractors to do work for them. The upside to this part of the plan is it helps to break away from some of the political ties that some contractors have had in the past. It gives some of the smaller companies a chance to prove themselves. Education is another area of Affirmative Action that has had its criticisms. The admittance of a student for educational purposes without having to meet the same requirements as the whole seems to me to be a bit discriminative in nature. A popular case that has occurred in our history was that of Regrents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978). In this case the University had reserved 16 of its 100 openings for minorities. The other 64 slots

had already been filled so because Bakke was not a minority, his admittance was denied, even though he was more qualified than his minority competitors. The admittance of a student to a University or any other college program without having to score as high as the general population on the entrance exams is another form of Affirmative Action discrimination. At Ivy League colleges the median GPA of applicants is close to a 4.0 and SAT scores are close to 1300. The minorities that apply are admitted with a GPA of less than 3.0 and an SAT score of less than 1000. Is this really letting in the most qualified and elite students? I really don’t see how it could be. The Affirmative Action programs started off with the idea that our country was going to try to make up for some of the

bad things that happened to the minorities of our country many years ago. The idea that anybody owes anyone special treatment for something in our past is a bit unfounded. I agree that Affirmative Action programs helped to do away with segregation in a lot of instances and even finally let some of the blacks get into college. This part of the plan I agree with. The programs are now out of date however. President Clinton has addressed this issue during his presidency. He has brought about four standards for all Affirmative Action programs that still exist: no quotas in theory or practice, no illegal discrimination of any kind, no preferences for people that are not qualified, and as soon as the program has succeeded it must be retired. Although the president has stated these

guidelines, it hasn’t changed everyone’s way of business or thinking. The people who are benefiting from the Affirmative Action programs that are still around today are people who never suffered any injustice from our past. Our work force is now being made up of younger people who never once had the government tell them were they had to get a drink of water or sit on a bus. Those days have passed and it is time for our country to move on and let the past rest. Affirmative Action is nothing more than a legal way to discriminate. If the plans are meant to make up for the discrimination of the minorities of the past by discriminating against the majority now, then that is saying that two wrongs make a right. Now the only one who suffers is the white male who gets rejected for a

position for being part of the majority. Will this whole idea of Affirmative Action really help end the barriers of discrimination, or will it just enrage the people who are now suffering because of it and make the situation worse? by, CAC, ASU