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Affirmative Action Essay, Research Paper In years past, Americas of every race, color, and nationality have been pushing for equal rights and equal representation in everything from politics, to professional sports coaches, to jobs, and colleges. In American colleges there is a little thing called affirmative action. This means that colleges give greater higher educational acceptances to minorities than they do the average Joe. For example, one college accepts people if they score above 140 points on their point scale. However, minority groups receive 20 free points just for being themselves! Now is this fair? In a country that is trying to abolish racism, this little thing called affirmative action is fueling it. On college campuses around the nation, the admissions office

is not doing their job. They are not granting admissions to the most qualified or the most talented candidates, instead they want to make their education center culturally diverse. To do so, these education centers are granting gifts or giving tokens to these minority groups so is doesn t look like the average Joe is all the college is made up of. Isn t this racism at its finest? Statistically, white students have a better chance of getting into college because of their cultural background and emphasis their ancestors put on education. The same thing is happening in work forces across America. Employers have hired the less qualified minority to make a certain quota or to have their company look more diverse. However, a new law in California government prohibits this from

happening. Their new law requires the most qualified person to have the job, regardless of race, color, and nationality. More employers and college admission offices throughout the country should abolish affirmative action. It is destroying higher education institutions, and workforces. This same affirmative action is tearing apart the greatest nation on earth, which was built on the words. All men are created equal , and obviously with affirmative action in place, all men are not created equal.