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it must be retired. THE CASE FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Since the day that thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 African-American civilians were able to attend school with everybody else; since the day that there was no difference between a ?white water fountain? and a ?black water fountain?, the achievements reached with the help of an Affirmative Action are evident. Affirmative Action has caused a debate and some tension to rise in the American society (Lewis, 1). The paragraphs that follow will be intended to show to the reader that an Affirmative Action can indeed help the business environment in getting the most qualified people the job they deserve, without their race, culture or sex prevent them from getting it. Arguments For Affirmative Action Since the day that Affirmative

Action programs started to take place, minorities have been able to be treated fairly and have been able to get job opportunities also. The next few paragraphs state several arguments that point to the conclusion that an Affirmative Action is needed to provide fairness in every aspect to minorities. The programs are needed because there are still cases in which minorities and women earn less money than white people and men regardless of the place they studied and got their degrees from. They still earn less money regardless of the qualifications and past experience they might have, to prove this look at any community. How many members of a minority are in leadership positions? How many members of a minority are elected into office? Affirmative Action programs are created to

provide minorities with the opportunity to be chosen in better jobs. Affirmative Action programs are needed as a tool that the Federal government has to provide minorities with the opportunity to be treated equally (LCCP, 4). These programs are needed because some institutions in society are not ready to hire minorities just because they are minorities unless they are forced to do so by law. As long as this is so Affirmative Action programs should be preserved and improved (Rothstein, 1). THE CASE AGAINST AFFIRMATIVE ACTION As time has gone by, and as discrimination has been legally reduced to the point that it is easier tolerate with the help of several Affirmative Action programs, the idea that such programs are not needed anymore is rising. Together with the question of

Affirmative Action being needed or not debate has been rising too. Just as there are arguments that protect Affirmative Action, there are arguments that reject it. The following paragraphs will show the reader that an Affirmative Action is not needed anymore because of the way society is handling such problem. Arguments Against Affirmative Action After all the years that Affirmative Action programs have been taking place in several institutions to provide and end to discrimination; there are some arguments that point to the fact that such programs are not needed to provide minorities with fairness. The next few paragraphs state what those arguments are. The first argument is that people should be able to think what they want, to establish their own values about everything. This

holds true as long as they do not deny anybody else?s rights. The opponents of Affirmative Action programs believe that ?to be free is to be wrong? therefore racists should be able to believe what they want and be against what they want too. They believe that to be forced to do something they do not want to do could be harmful instead of helpful to minorities. In other words racists are only fair when forced to do so legally (Jemal, 1). The second argument is that the opponents of such programs believe that to be forced to work with minorities against their wills is not the solution to stop racism and discrimination. This only makes discrimination stronger and immune to reason. Opposition believes that Affirmative Action programs were created to free ?White America? of the

feeling of guilt after the atrocities committed against minorities years back and that they are no longer effective. Opposition believes that those times have passed and therefore the programs are not needed. The third argument this paper states is that Affirmative Action programs are nothing but quotas, therefore the economic aspect of it becomes clear. This programs stigmatizes and calls into question the credentials of the qualified minorities (Lewis, 2). They force qualified people to surrender their jobs to less qualified people just because they are not a minority. This understates that the economy of the country is in risk of going down due to that fact. Just as Affirmative Action helps minorities it harms the other people, because it takes away the jobs they have worked