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incentive to want to win the races on your own and provided more opportunities to improve your skills. In getting back to the victimization argument, it is necessary to understand that racism and past discrimination did occur and still impact our society today. However, there is no need to emphasize the suffering at the expense of overshadowing positive future outcomes. Their argument (#2): AA encourages mediocrity and incompetence and the merit argument. You claim that AA encourages mediocrity and incompetent applicants to receive positions that more qualified individuals should receive. Louis Pojman says, “Merit is not an absolute value. There are times when it may be overridden for social goals .” In the case of AA, it is not the goal of employers to choose mediocre and

incompetent employees, but it is their goal to diversify the applicant pool, thereby diversifying their labor force. “We cannot just define who is qualified in the most narrow, vertical, academic terms,” Jesse Jackson says. There are many aspects to qualification that need to be considered when choosing an employee or a university student. What one lacks in one area can be more than overcompensated for in another area. It depends on the goals of the individual employer. Recipients of AA offer a diversity of qualities that may not be found in a homogenous applicant pool, and thereby improve the overall quality of the labor force or university. Even if an AA recipient appears to be somewhat less qualified initially, over time this same person can achieve just as much as or more

than a “more qualified” person because of the opportunities presented to them. In order to reach our goal of diversity for the benefit of society, we may need to adjust some qualifications for some period of time in order to gain an increased, more diverse applicant pool that will be stronger in the long run. You might ask why some people should have to sacrifice in order to attain diversity in the work force. The