Affirmative Action At The University Of Oregon

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Affirmative Action At The University Of Oregon Essay, Research Paper The More Diverse Campus is the Better Things are for Everyone Affirmative Action in the University of Oregon Affirmative Action was created to give minorities a better chance of obtaining employment. That is the tradition definition of Affirmative Action, but the University of Oregon admissions office has adopted a new definition of Affirmative Action. With their definition, no one who isn?t qualified is admitted to the U of O and, in turn, every one who is qualified is accepted. Affirmative Action should be maintained in the University of Oregon because it offers more opportunities for diversity. The University of Oregon admissions office defines Affirmative Action as a group of programs established to help

out female students and students who are of minority races. Some of these programs deal with promoting the University of Oregon to minorities and women. There are several recruitment activities to promote the U of O, including ?Gateway to the Future,? a program that exposes high school students of color to higher education opportunities at the University of Oregon. There is also a similar program called ?Reach for Success? aimed towards middle-school students. There are several other programs of this sort offered at the University of Oregon that reach out to people of color and also to people who are underprivileged that are looking for ways to higher their education. Is this a fair new way to define Affirmative Action? In my search for the answer to the ever-pondered question

?Does Affirmative Action promote unfair advantages to minorities and women?? I came across two men. One of these men was the Senior Assistant Director at the Office of Admissions for the University of Oregon, Randell Hernandez. The other was the Human Rights Investigator for Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity at the University of Oregon, Sidney Moore. I talked to these men about Affirmative Action and how it affects admissions at the University of Oregon. The main thing that both of them pointed out to me was that every student that attends the University of Oregon was accepted on the same criteria and standards. There are no preferences given to minorities. How could that be discrimination? People think that because Affirmative Action gives special attention to minorities

and women that it gives them special rights, but it doesn?t, it only offers them support. There are several special organizations on campus set up for women and minorities. These organization give people a place to go when the need someone to talk to, or just somewhere to feel at home. Many people think that the Affirmative Action gives an unfair advantage to women and minorities when it comes to obtaining employment, and being granted admission to schools. That is of the most popular misconceptions of Affirmative Action. These misconceptions are mainly derived from different types of the media. One example I can think of is an episode of ER, in this episode one of the doctors finds out that he was hired through the Affirmative Action. He proceeds to get mad because a medical

student that he interviewed who is more qualified than he was didn?t even get a second glance. Although in some cases, this is how Affirmative Action works, the University of Oregon never admits people based on their race, or their sex. Discrimination is illegal and even though minorities are being hired over white men, this is still considered discrimination. ?In the University of Oregon, no student that is less qualified is granted admission over another applicant who is more quali! fied,? says Hernandez. The main thing that Moore talked to me about when I visited him in his office, was that the most important part of Affirmative Action is helping out people who have special needs, or have had hardships through their lives. An example of this would be a student who graduated