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Affirmative Action 3 Essay, Research Paper Affirmative Action Affirmative action is wrong and will not help solve the problems minorities face. The reason it is wrong is because it’s discrimination. Although Affirmative Action has no place in today’s society in today’s society because it does more bad than good, it can actually be discrimanatory to an emplyees heath. In addition to that most people don’t enjoy the presence of affirmative action. First of all, affirmative action is discrimination, there is no hiding it. When an employer hires anyone because he or she is a minority, even if someone else if more qualified to do the job, it is discrimination. Just because it is reverse discrimination, when whites are discriminated against and minorities are being

discriminated for, doesn’t make it right. Fred Steele spoke of a well known basic fact on Affirmative action that stated “Affirmative action legalizes discrimination.”(1996) “I thought discrimination was illegal in this country (Buchanan 1996).” Also, if this discrimination continues racism in North America may become worse. Imagine what you would feel like if you couldn’t get a job just because you are a white man and not a hispanic man. The racism will become worse because of it, and that is the very thing it is trying to prevent. It is possible that because of affirmative action, racism will grow and continue to grow until we history repeats itself and we end up living underold laws again. That is an extreme possibility to end up under discrimatory old laws again,

but it is a definite possibility to end up somewhere close to live up to these laws again. In addition to that, people say affirmative action is ok because it cures past discrimination (Keyes 1996). George DeWit spoke of this on the topic and said “Discrimination wasn’t ok when blacks were the ones getting the short end of the stick. Therefore it’s not ok when whites are discriminated against.”(1997) Two wrongs don’t make a right. Therefore, Affirmative action doesn’t make discrimination ok just because it’s against blacks instead of whites. Tom Buchanan once said “Affirmative action in college is the most discriminating thing this country has ever seen since the old laws many years ago.”(1996) At ivy league colleges the median GPA of applicants is close to 4.0

and S.A.T.’s are close to 1300, minorities are let in with GPA’s less than 3.0 and S.A.T.’s less than 1000 (D’Souza 1997). The only way for colleges to achieve ethnic proportionalism is to downplay or abandon merit criteria and to accept students from typically under represented groups, such as blacks, hispanics, and american indians, over better qualified students from among whites and asian americans.(D’Souza 1997) Many groups, such as AUAA (american united for Affirmative action)have formed because of this kind of discrimination. They are dedicated to the advancement of Affirmative action, equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnic backround or any other criterion that deprives people od opportunities to live and

work. (McCrensky, 1999) Obviously, affirmative action is allowing undereducated citizens to get into college when the people that are qualified aren’t getting accepted when they should. When we passed the equal opportunities law, it didn’t mean treat different races differently, it means we should treat all people as equals, affirmative action doesn’t treat everyone as equals. If we lower acceptance standards for minorities, we should lower standards for everyone. Since nobody would do that we should raise the standard for minorities. In addition, if affirmative action gets its way, it will do more harm than good. Affirmative action will only work short term because if you hire a minority that’s under qualified they’ll eventually get fired. Also, you can only hire so