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Affirmative Action 13 Essay, Research Paper Affirmative action, what’s that mean to you? There are many misconceptions about this act; for example, many opposing sides of this will argue that affirmative action will cause employers to turn down a qualified white man for a job, and higher a unqualified minority, or woman instead. The reasoning is because they currently have so many white men on the job. Fortunately this is not true; affirmative action gives women and minorities who are “qualified”, of course, to obtain a job equally. There have been many affirmative action programs set up all over the country. They ensure the minorities and women will get a fair shake when applying for a job, also for admissions into colleges. An example of discriminatory practices in

college admissions, In the fall of 1998, classes began at Boalt Law School, the 270 member entered class and the same number of blacks that the University of Mississippi had in 1963, only one attended! It’s almost going back to the segregated days of the south. In the state of Alabama, a federal district court enjoined. A discriminative against blacks being hired as state troopers. The court found that in the 37-year history of the patrol there has never been a black trooper. The affirmative action programs have gone a long way, and have made a big difference. For example, a government study showed that women made greater gains at private companies doing business with the federal government than at other companies. Female employment rose 15.2 percent among federal contractors

and only 2.2 percent elsewhere. In 1955, only 4.9 percent of college students ages 18 to 24 were black. This figure rose 6.5 percent during the next five years, but by the 1965 had dropped to 4.9 percent. Only in the wake of late 1960’s and early 1970’s did the percentage of black college students begin to climb steadily: In 1970, 7.8 percent of college students were black; 1980, 9.1 percent, and in 1990, 11.3 percent. Affirmative action means fairness to all women and minorities, either applying for a job or admitting to colleges. No matter what it is people should be judged on their experience and education, not just on the color of their skin or because their women. Affirmative action is what is needed and hopefully stays until people are treated equally.