Affects Of Superheroes To Chil Essay Research

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Affects Of Superheroes To Chil Essay, Research Paper Since the publishing date of the first illustrated books, the hero characters have taken their places in the daily life of the people. In fact, many hero characters had existed for centuries through the history. They had been living in tales and epic stories and being spread by the word of mouth between people but they were not as effective as the visual ones. Especially after the rapid increases in the film technology, the film industry started to create new superheroes. After a while, film makers became aware of the profitability of series films for the superheroes. Many of the films of specific superheroes are produced by a sequential name. The best examples for these type of films are superman or the Indiana Jones

series. There are sequential names like superman I, II, III and so on. Addition to these films, the strength of the image of the superheroes are supported by some items that help these heroes to be more familiar by the public. These items have a broad spectrum of types from signed photos to coffee cups and from balloons to t-shirts with a picture of hero printed on. These promotion facilities have reached to their peak point by the advertising campaigns with these superheroes. Hollywood became one of the biggest production place for these heroes since the early years of the American film industry and it s effects are still on the whole film industry. At the beginning. These heroes , they are either cartoon characters or a film character from TV or cinema, used to give messages to

direct people to good behaviors and they were good nominees to be presented as a sample of right personality. A good example for this trend can be found in the life story of Arnold Schwarzenneger who is the founder and the actor of terminator series. At the days of the early superheroes, when Arnold applied to Hollywood producers for its terminator film projects, he was refused by thoughts that his films will not be successful but the public values have changed very rapidly and people, especially children liked these films very much in which many people are being killed by a superhero who do not obey the orders. The trend towards these type of films have increased by in a huge amount. Today we can see that at least a dozen of people, no matter rather they are good or bad guys ,

are being killed. At the beginning of a new century, the statistics are trying to find the average people being killed in the films. The cartoon films, which are mainly produced to address the children, have even many scenes with violence. Only superiority over Hollywood films is the immortal characters even they have been in many bomb explosions or fell down from the skyscrapers but this does not help to decrease the amount of violence being transferred from the films to children. When we talk about children, especially the psychologists categorize them into several groups like infant stage, early childhood and pre-school stage. In this report the term child will be used for all the children from approximately 6 years old to the early years of youth stage. As the results of

certain effects in the early childhood can be observed in the older stages, even in the maturity stage, the negative effects of superheroes on children that will be mentioned in the next sections is something should be observed by all psychologists. Children starts to show a meaningful interest to characters on the pictures or TV at the age of 6 or 7. In these years, child can identify that these characters are not real. As the time passes, the boys gain interest towards characters acting adventure and war. Girls are towards dance, song, animals and comics. Also in the forward stages boys have more tendency to man heroes and girls to women heroes. Superheroes are make-believe TV or film characters with imaginary powers. Sometimes they fly or have extraordinary strength. They are