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result in fainting and can also place undue stress on the heart. Do not stop and stand abruptly without cooling down. You run the risk of getting dizzy and/or passing out. A good example is stretching, it relaxes the muscles which worked so hard during the activity, increases flexibility and helps prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS). Here are some aerobic activities that you may be interested in getting specific benefits out of: Walking is the simplest, safest, and least expensive exercise, it is particularly good for post-menopausal women because it is a weight-bearing exercise which may help slow down osteoporosis. Cycling gives the heart and circulatory system an outstanding aerobic workout. It burns 700 calories in one hour and also conditions your legs, upper back,

and shoulders. Jogging/Running is one of the easiest and least expensive workouts. It increases the fitness of the cardiovascular system by decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. Swimming offers the best full-body workout. It is one of the best aerobic exercises due to its emphasis on heart and lung strength. It also develops muscle strength and endurance and improves posture and flexibility. Water Aerobics provides fitness benefits without putting stress on joints and muscles. Cross-country Skiing has a kick-and-glide technique. If you combine a poling motion to propel you along, it will provide a more complete workout than running or cycling, both of which emphasize only lower body muscles. It also helps develop coordination. Rhythmic Aerobics is a feel-good activity that

benefits you mentally and physically (reduces stress placed on joints and bones). Jumping Rope develops cardiovascular and muscular endurance, agility, coordination, and muscular strength. It can be done virtually anywhere, costs virtually nothing, and is e extremely easy to learn. Rowing utilizes more muscles-not only the arms, but also the legs, abdomen, and torso. It burns more calories than any other activity (except Cross-country skiing. It provides all the aerobic benefits of running in a workout that also effectively builds muscular strength and endurance. It is also a stress-free exercise. Step Aerobics is performed on a platform which usually ranges from 4″ to 10″ in height. It was developed to provide a low-impact activity that is both challenging and interesting.

It has efficient means of improving aerobic fitness. If your goal is to lead a balanced lifestyle and enhance your health and well being, keep in mind that it is very important to perform aerobic exercise regularly even if the intensity is low or the duration is short. The bottom line for health and well being is to get some frequent aerobic activity. Try to enjoy and take it easy so you will want to keep it up.