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trials and tribulations that Aeneas went through to get to that very battle between him and Turnus. It was a tough journey and the only real reward that he got was to know, in his heart, that he did the right thing and remained pious to the gods, his people, and his empire. There is not one way to look at Virgil’s view, it can also be looked at in the opposite way. It can be said that in remaining pious andgoing through all the hardships that he did, he single handedly prevented civil war. Everything that Aeneas went through was for the good of the commonwealth and was rewarding for the people. Because his view can be looked at in two ways and is rather unclear, Virgil’s verdict is equivocal. In Virgil’s poem, The Aeneid, a picture is painted of a very virtuous roman hero

who remains pious and loyal to his people. This is the picture of Aeneas’ life. It is shown in the poem, that the costs that come with holding these virtues greatly outweigh the rewards. The rewards, although small, are on the inside of the hero and the costs are large and are on the outside. It is critical to follow your destiny no matter what it is, but that is a virtue that not only Roman heroes, but also all Romans must possess.