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own world, and needs no one. It is doubtful that this sense of singular independence would be lost among the subscribers of Elle magazine, most likely a strong female audience. The mixture of these images serves to provide a clean, packaged message with an almost aesthetic quality; Camel cigarettes are for the independent, hard-working woman who seeks pleasure and social freedom without necessitating any need or help from others. The ad?s appearance in the modern fashion magazine Elle, further implies that the female target audience would find appeal is a somewhat artistic ad portraying such qualities, and their obvious benefits. Even her blue and orange roller-blades are color coordinating with car and the sky above. The ad definitely speaks volumes with the words ?Pleasure to

Burn.? The underlying theme strongly supported by the subliminal imagery serves Camel?s purposes wholly. By conveying a product associated with pleasure, relaxation, patriotism, sensuality, independence, and rebelliousness, Camel successfully utilizes advertising to target and appeal to specific audiences. Every aspect of the full-page ad creams to the viewer to smoke for pleasure, for independence, and nonconformity, and of course, for America.