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advertisement, while not interfering with one?s First Amendment rights, racism in advertisement remains low. As America progresses, the need for advertisement progresses as well. Companies must compete with one another in order to gain success. In recent advertisements, companies have begun to make negative remarks about its rival company. Whether it be Coke and Pepsi or Ford and Chevrolet, these rivalries cause the commercials and other forms of advertisements to be more entertaining to the audience. Companies can make these remarks due to the First Amendment guaranteeing everyone the freedom of expression. While these rights to freedom of expression play a major role in advertising, advertisements will never reach the point by which racial tensions start to flare. When racial

tensions arise, one is abusing his First Amendment?s rights. Government agencies realize this; thus, these agencies have set guidelines that companies must follow. By following these guideline set out by the agencies, one can see that advertising does not promote racism nor does it promote racial disunity, y! et it promotes the practice of America?s First Amendment rights. 33d