Advertising in the trade market

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Plan Entry 1. Advertising Sections 2. The forms of distribution channels ad 3. Stylistics advertisement Conclusions marketing advertising design style Entry Advertising appeals create and produce advertising agencies creative independent professional organizations and business people who provide full services to advertisers: carry advertising research, develop and produce advertising designs advertising appeals, plan and conduct campaigns. Advertising complex art because it involved professionalismly, which can perform their work on high (in view of global demand) level. In the advertising industry concentrated generators best advertising ideas, advertising talented developers texments designer of computer graphics and animation, App-managers of the organizers, advertising,

photographers, illustrators, videoinzhenery and businessmen. A decision on prices for advertising agencies should consider the following basic values: firstly, the own blotyou pursuant to this or other promotional services; Second, advertisers povedintion; Third, the behavior of competitors. For current pricing free foam is the product of negotiations. It can be individual, ie meachild with the specific demands of customers - advertisers, or of list that takes into account allowances and discounts. List price may be the minimum, maximum and hard. Paby making a minimum price, advertising agency protects itself from the effects of price competition. The maximum price you have to counterextraordinary price increases. Solid price stability is the basis of footearnings for

advertising. If an advertising agency conducts pricing policies on a "quality cost" price can be two ways to change, or variation of award for a reclamnyh quality of services or as a variation on constant prices. 1. Advertising Sections Advertising to sell advertisement to be distributed, ie set of organizational units or individuals that help to convey to someone else ownership of a specific product (product, idea, service) on its way from producer to consumer (buyer). Advertising to sell vyokremylas of commercial advertising in general due to the fact that she has some specific features that affect the goal, means, media and promotional activities. These features are linked with the appointment of products features the distribution channels of channel levels, their

organizational forms and types of services they offer. Audiovisual advertising - the most effective form of advertising. TV and radio advertising catches the viewer and listener in a home environment where it susceptible to information, but can at any moment turn off the TV or receiver for these or other reasons. So, we should have time to express themselves optimally short time. In an ideal advertising appeal must attract, retain interest, awaken the desire to implement actions. In practice, only a few ads push customers to go all the way, but the model to determine what desirable traits should have the same advertising. Important role in advertising to sell goods (lines, budget, means of advertising, advertising media, the intensity of advertising, etc.) plays a destination of

goods. Some techniques and methods of advertising to be applied to goods of mass consumption (consumer goods), while others - for capital goods. The effectiveness of advertising appeals can be measured by previous testing or testing conducted after the campaign. These studies allow to verify the accuracy of the selected line of conduct, the bar ads and promises of benefits to the buyer. Understandably, manufacturers and products differ from each other as people. Therefore it is important to identify myself clear and express favorable and psychological benefits of this or that product in advertising. Creator image ads with the customer is obliged to carry a mini market research. As a result of data collected about the company and its product (in this case, knowledge of commercial