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ADVERTISING CONTENTS Introduction CHAPTER 1 1. Local Advertising 1.1 Types of Local Advertising 1.2 Objectives of Local Advertising 1.3 Planning the Advertising Effort 1.4 Creating the Local Advertising 1.5 Seeking Creating Assistance CHAPTER 2 Public Relations, Corporate Advertising, and Noncommercial Advertising 1. The Role of Public Relations 2. Corporate Advertising 2.1 Public Relations Advertising 2.2 Corporate/Institutional Advertising 2.3 Corporate Identity Advertising 2.4 Recruitment Advertising 3. Noncommercial Advertising 3.1 Examples of Noncommercial Advertising 3.2 Types of Noncommercial Advertising 3.3 Advertising Council CHAPTER 3 International Advertising 1. Growth and Status of International Advertising 1.1 Managing International Advertising 1.2 Creative

Strategies in International Advertising Bibliography Finally INTRODUCTION Advertising can be used for a variety of special purposes. Local businesses advertise within a particular geographic area rather than nationwide, corporations sometimes advertise to enhance their reputations rather than to sell products, and international businesses advertise around the world. This course paper is a thorough coverage of these special types of advertising. The prevalence of advertising underscores its many advantages. Of the various forms of promotion, it is the best for reaching mass audiences quickly at a low person cost. It is also the form of promotion over which the organizations has the greatest control. In an advertisement, you can say what ever you want, as long as you stay within

the boundaries of the law and conform to the moral and ethical standards of the advertising medium and trade associations. You can promote goods, services, and ideas, using a full range of creative and generating sales leads. In addition, it can rekindle interest in a product whose sales have grown sluggish, as illustrated by the remarkable success of Isuzu's memorable "liar" commercials. While sales of other Japanese cars and trucks were growing by only percent, Isuzu's sales jumped 21 ercent within a few months after "Joe suzu" started hawking the cars on TV with subtitles announcing that he was stretching the facts. The object of our investigation is special types of advertising. The aim of investigation is to tell about special types of advertising. The

main tasks of our course paper is to learn the special types of advertising. The theoretical value of the investigation are different examples on different firms by the theoretical explanation. The practical value of the investigation is to learn how different kinds of firms do their advertising. The novelty of investigation is to show what modern technologies of advertising the population has achied. CHAPTER 1. "LOCAL ADVERTISING" 1. LOCAL ADVERTISING As opposed to regional or national advertising, refers to advertising by businesses within a particular city or county to customers within the same geographic area. In 1990, approximately 44 percent of all dollars spent on advertising were for local advertising. Quite often, local advertising is referred to as retail

advertising because it is commonly performed by retail stores. However, retail advertising is not necessarily local - it can be regional or national as well, as the volume of commercials run by national retail firms such as sears and J.C.Penney. Moreover, many businesses not usually thought of as retail stores use local advertising - real estate brokers, banks, movie theaters, auto mechanics, and TV stations, restaurants, museums, and even funeral homes. Local businesses of all types often use public service or issue advertising. Local advertisers fit into three categories: * Dealerships or local franchises or regional or national companies that specialize in one main product or product line ( such as Toyota, McDonalds, or H&R Block). * Stores that sell a variety of branded