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The final picture shows a person removing the cartridge from the machine, and the printed results on top somewhat like a cash register. The wording at the bottom not only lists what the machine does, but it mentions its economic benefits to the hospital. Although both advertisements share the central theme of selling blood analyzers in a friendly environment, the Abaxis ad is presented to be more appealing than the Kalisto ad. The Abaxis ad contains something the Kalisto ad lacks, which is it s more provocative. The dogs in the picture will clearly attract more interested buyers, rather than the image of a single patient along with a human companion. These dogs are the keys to the ad. The practitioners looking to purchase a blood analyzer will be compelled by this image, as the

dogs are showing their warmth and the reason why they re man s best friend. It s almost as if the dogs are rational animals and know how the machine works. Going back to the colors of the ads. The blue and white colors in the Kalisto ad are mellow, but they are too mellow. These colors are the types of colors you would find in magazine ads in the early 1980 s. The colors the Abaxis company uses seem to be more modern and technically oriented. The three primary colors clashed seem to be soothing, yet the darker tones show strength and give it durability. With all this, the colors still show the machine being state of the art 4 to 5 years from now. That way, people won t put off buying a blood analyzer 5 years from now for a better bargain. All in all, these advertisements are

appealing, and will promote practitioners to buy in-house blood analyzers for the future. It s unlikely they ll buy one of these two because blood analyzers aren t readily available yet. But they are setting the corner stones for the future. Companies who follow in this approach will most likely have more success in a more competitive market, causing the prices of these machines to be more affordable and appealing to all practitioners, not to just the ones that have multiple practices and gross millions of dollars.