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see an attractive women sitting on the hood of the car. Another commercial on television is Carl s Jr., a fast food restaurant, whose competitors in the world of fast food are McDonald s, Burger King, and Taco Bell. The Carl s Jr. advertisers use women who like men that eat their hamburger. The woman sees the man eating the burger which ultimately is concluded as the man is a strong, macho-type of guy. The teenager boy thinks that eating the hamburger will make women notice him eating a hamburger. The Doritos commercial, is another supplication to using women to sell their corn chips of different flavor. The commercial starts out with two men doing fancy techniques with the Doritos chips while at the laundromat, so a woman walks in the laundromat and takes one bag out of the man

s hands and does acrobat acts in front of the men with the Doritos chips. This is also another way of making a young man ignorant. Young girls tend to be attracted to older male actors who sell them clothes. Furthermore, the girls are also drawn to famous female actors, which sell them perfume, skin care products, and hair products as well. The advertisers know who to choose when it comes to teenagers, the money, sex, and popularity are known famliarities in selling the teenager their products. Advertisers know that they will make big bucks because teenagers are their highest consumers. Resulting from the teenager in having a job and paying for some of the products that they want. Other teenagers tend to drain their parents of monetary funds in purchasing the product. In

conclusion, the business people in the marketing industry make a substantiated amount of money from consumers. The advertisements for products which might seem real on television or in a magazine does not turn out the way we want it. According to, Theodore Levitt many people are manipulated into buying products whether it is the hard-working family, or church-devoted family who buy something which they do not need or cannot afford just for easing their buying hunger. Teens are no different from their older counterparts (their parents). The Theodore Levitt also applies to teens who also buy the things which they cannot afford also; a few who try to act like they have a lot of money and start to flash the cash in front of their friends. I agree that we are just human and we are not

perfect in this society and we choose to satisfy ourselves by buying useless products. 375