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Advertisements’ Manipulation On Teens Today In Society. Essay, Research Paper Advertisements’ Manipulation on Teens Today in Society. Teens today, who watch television, listen to the radio, and read magazines and newspapers see, hear, or glance at advertisements. The business men and women behind the creation of the advertisements make millions of money because of consumer ignorance in the product that is shown or said about in their presence. However, teens are just human beings and are not perfect in society. The business people know how to attract its teen audience for their product. For instance, beautiful women seen in advertisements indirectly attract teenage men into buying the item. Famous celebrities who support a particular product. Older men who catch teenage

girls eyes when the older men holds out the product. The advertisers are the mind manipulators for teenage consumers today. The commercial advertisements shown on television gives the teenage viewer an indirect position of what the business person is selling. For example, the Nike commercial which normally shows a notable basketball superstar dunking for the purpose of selling shoes and apparel also, shows at the end of the commercial, Just Do It . This message which can cause serious detours in a young teenager s choice in the get rich quick scheme of becoming famous and rich overnight by playing basketball. Another commercial is the Neutrogena clear pads which shows two beautiful girls using these pads on their so-called dirty faces so they can sell young girls their pads which

do not work. The indirect purpose of the commercial is that young girls must be beautiful in order to satisfy themselves when they are already beautiful from the start. The ads in magazines and newspaper is another way of catching the teenager`s eye. In the magazines cigarettes, hot cars, drinks, and voluptuous, adult women are hot key strategies in luring a teenager, to the advertisers product. For example, Kool cigarettes uses women indirectly, to sell their cigarettes to young men who spot the women in the ad as the man in the corner holds a pack of Kool cigarettes in his hands. This ad can also be misinterpreted for sex in which it sells in today s society. Another representation, is , a game retailer over the internet. They use a young man and put him in front of

a computer screen, where as the camera is the computer screen and is looking at him and an attractive woman in the background of the picture. On the bottom of the picture, in big bold print, it says, Know you re gonna score. ; which also gives a canard statement of using sex to sell games for teenage boys. Sex has become one of the popular issues from television to magazines whether obscene or unflagrant. The ads work around to using sex as a hidden tactic into selling their products. However sex is not the only tactic, money is also another strategy for selling products to teenagers for example, over the internet many companies such as, pay web surfers (teenagers) a sum of money when surfing the web, but what the web surfer does not know is that their parents

are paying for the cost of a phone line and the internet service provider on a monthly basis. The commercial ads sometimes influence the mind of the teenage consumer by selling the consumer something useless and not needed by the consumer. One of such a product is clothes, when watching a famous celebrity put some fashionable clothing on, teenagers automatically think that the clothes will look good on them and so they go and buy it. It turns out that when the teenager buys the clothes which they saw on television it does not look good on them therefore purchasing clothes that is not a necessity. The ads in magazines such as fancy cars that are difficult to afford is another popular item. For young men when they see these ads they just do not see only the car but also sometimes